Welcome to Drama Expressions For Children

''Poppies, petals, orchids in all shades and hues

Scarlet reds and  Violet blues

Hydrangeas baby pink like marsh mellows

Bold tulips, in flaunting yellows

Daisies so sweet and small

Frolicking in the sun, all ''

Drama Expressions knows that ”every flower grows from dirt”.


Like a faithful gardener, we nurture underprivileged children with 4 essential conditions, crucial for its growth:


Sunlight-Shimmering costumes and glimmering spotlight, is the ray of sunlight for our children on our grand annual performance day. See the confidence boost: plants standing prouder.


Warmth envelopes our users, with ultimate acceptance, and care.  Volunteers and children alike infuse each other with warmth and supportiveness.


Water -“like a salmon needs water; I need club”(Reece,11 lives only with her father)


Air; “Drama expressions gives me let out space and opportunities. I now realize that not only air is for free?

2015.Drama Expressions For Children.Registered UK charity number: 1145805.

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